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I have a fixed box where I want to display my PDF's in rendered by PDF.js. As PDF.js documentation is not really accessible (spitting through their source files), I'd like to know whether it's possible to scale a rendered PDF on a fixed width. When I set as CSS: canvas { width: 600px; } for the canvas displaying the PDF, the PDF gets stretched, and the quality gets poor.

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I updated the example from the Pdf.js github http://jsbin.com/pdfjs-prevnext-v2/edit#html,live to scale properly to a fixed canvas width. See http://jsfiddle.net/RREv9/ for my code.

The important line is

var viewport = page.getViewport(canvas.width / page.getViewport(1.0).width);

because the expression canvas.width / page.getViewport(1.0).width gives us the appropriate scaling factor.

You should change the width of your canvas not with css but by the width attribute of the canvas. See Canvas width and height in HTML5

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Thanks a lot, I didn't know about the difference between the CSS width and HTML5 width properties of the canvas element. –  Young Roger Oct 25 '12 at 12:49
So, if canvas has width: 100% (css property), I can use window.screen.width value instead of canvas.width right? I mean, like var viewport = page.getViewport(window.screen.width / page.getViewport(1.0).width); (btw, this is working fine for me) –  Mr_Green Mar 4 at 6:12

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