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I have a windows ce image install in Virtual PC 2007, it is a VHD-file named HPCF-CEPC-CE5.vhd. The system works ok, but I need to transfer my application (.exe) to the virtual pc but I cant, I tried to install Virtual Machine Additions but isnt work, I tried a network connection but isnt work and try to connect from activesync through com1 but guest what? isnt work....

does anybody know how to transfer a file between the windows ce in virtual PC 2007 and my win xp host??


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It's effectively a separate machine, so (assuming it has network capability in the OS) you can use CoreCon to manually make a connection and then use a tool like the Remote File Viewer (installed with Studio 2005/2008).

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ok I would try it –  skabo Oct 25 '12 at 19:24

WinImage allows you to open a vhd, copy and paste files to Windows. If you want to get vmadditions.iso (FSHARE) installed in your vhd, you need to download the VPC 2004 version.

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