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I have a html file with three tables. But I want to extract only one table of the three. How do I do this? Thanks

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A good module for extracting parts of a HTML document is HTML::Query.

It provides a jQuery-like interface for selecting what part of a document to extract.

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Mojo::DOM provides a full set of CSS3 selectors including nth-of-type, which it seems that HTML::Query lacks – Joel Berger Oct 24 '12 at 1:03

You can do this using known Perl modules like :

  • LWP
  • WWW::Mechanize
  • HTML::TreeBuilder
  • HTML::TreeBuilder::XPath

All are on

The last Perl module is really usefull, you can use Xpath expressions like :


by example, to print the text of the second td element in the third tr from the first table.

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