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I was trying to create factory class for my spring beans

public interface MyBean implements TBean{}

public class MyBeanImpl implements MyBean{
   public MyBeanImpl(Request request){//..}

public class MyFactory {
    public <T extends TBean> T createbean(Class<T> interfaceToCreate, Object... args) {
        return (T)AppContext.getApplicationContext().getBean(interfaceToCreate, args);

method AppContext.getApplicationContext() returns ApplicationContext object

here I should be be able to create a spring bean like:

protected MyFactory factory;

Request myRequest;
void somemethod(){
    factory.createbean(MyBean.class, myRequest)

but BeanFactory does not expose any method like: getBean(Class<T> clazz, Object... args) And I do not have default constructor for MyBeanImpl class

Does anyone know how to accomplish that?

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You can achieve that in two steps. The ListableBeanFactory provides a method String[] getBeanNamesForType(Class<?> type). Once you got the bean names for your type, you can invoke the BeanFactory.getBean(String name, Object... args).

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That does work, we can survive with this,but spring could provide this: getBean(Class<T> clazz, Object… args) signature. Thanks for the answer –  Elbek Oct 23 '12 at 20:52

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