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I'm using the drive change feed to find changes of files in Google Drive. I have been experiencing some inconsistency. I just tested using the API Explorer found here :


On one user the largestChangeId returned was 1208, although when setting the startChangeId to 1208, the request returned 6 entries, including the change of 1208, and each other change being higher than 1208. I also have the flags includeDeleted = true, includeSubscribed = false.

I then tried on another user, the returned ID was 136023. When using this value with the same params as above Drive returned 0 entries, which I expected.

Then I tried on a third user, the returned ID was 8267. Then setting the call again with the same params as above Drive returned 1 entries, which had the same change id of 8267.

Note all three accounts are testing accounts on a test domain in which no documents are being modified or shared.

So three users three results making the same call. Is this expected or a better question, what should I expect when making this call. In the documentation it states : " Change ID to start listing changes from. (string)". When it says from and you are returned the highest ID I would expect 0 results to be returned.


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