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So what I have is a big image that I'm trying to animate continuously while someone is on the page

What I do now is:

    backgroundPosition:"(-10000px 0px)" 
}, 80000, 'linear');

and this works .. but it seems it comes to an end and stops .. can I do the same animation infinitely ??


var counter=0;
function moveBG(y)
    $('.photobanner').animate({ backgroundPosition:"("+counter+"px 0px)" }, 8000, 'linear',moveBG);

I defined a counter which will be incremented to infinity and used the this function.

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If the end and the beginning of the image are identical, you can just reset the image and restart the animation at the end of the animate function. –  JamesSwift Oct 23 '12 at 21:13

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You could always do something like this:

function moveBG()
    $('.photobanner').css({ backgroundPosition:"(0px 0px)"});
    $('.photobanner').animate({ backgroundPosition:"(-1000px 0px)" }, 8000, 'linear',moveBG);

So that the callback of the function redoes the function. It would have to be a seemless image though.

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well its right although I had to edit something (you can take a look up ;) ) –  m_hyassin Oct 23 '12 at 21:32

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