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I am having problems returning javascript from helper functions. I am unable to get the following test case to work:

function in helpers/application_helper.rb

def show_stuff
    return '$("div#flash").html("<p> stuff </p>");'

now I try to call this helper function in general.js.erb

<%= show_stuff %>

Here is the output

$(&quot;div#flash&quot;).html(&quot;&lt;p&gt; stuff &lt;/p&gt;&quot;);

I've also tried show_stuff.html_safe and raw show_stuff and had no luck. I feel the issue is Rails auto-escaping html but have been unable to find a solution.

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Try this article and/or this article. Also, note that your ruby method doesn't need return since it always returns the last line's value anyway. –  meetamit Oct 23 '12 at 21:23
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ERB is escaping the characters in your outputted Javascript.

To prevent this happening use the raw method in your template.

<%= javascript_tag do %>
    <%= raw(show_stuff) %>
<% end %>

I've added the javascript_tag method around this for context.

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