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I'm trying to install Tomcat in Eclipse but I can't get a server tab to show up. When I go to Window -> Show View -> Other and type in "server", I don't get any results.

When I go to File -> New -> Other and type 'server' I also get nothing.

Does anyone know what happened to my servers and where I can find them? (I've never used Eclipse with servers before).

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Which Eclipse download are you using? It should be the IDE for Java EE, or one into which you've installed WTP's Java EE Tools. –  nitind Oct 23 '12 at 21:37
This is the version info: Eclipse IDE for Java Developers \ epp.package.java \ null What is WTP, and how do I verify it's for Java EE? –  Imray Oct 23 '12 at 21:43

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The Web Tools Platform provides the Java EE development tools, and is included in the IDE for Java EE Developers. Among other things, it provides the Servers view and makes it easy to launch a Tomcat server from there. You can either download the IDE for Java EE Developers, or go to the Help menu and Install New Software, looking for the Java EE features.

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What exact features should be installed? I added Eclipse Java Web Developer Tools 3.6.1.v201409111852 org.eclipse.jst.web_ui.feature.feature.group but it seems to be not enough. stackoverflow.com/questions/24234148/… –  Paul Verest Jan 9 at 11:00
Here it is stackoverflow.com/questions/2000078/… –  Paul Verest Jan 9 at 11:05
Look for the one that calls itself the "Eclipse Java EE Developer Tools". –  nitind Jan 9 at 15:04
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I ended up installing a new copy of Eclipse - JAVA EE, and it all works now.

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