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I may be completely overdoing this, but could someone explain what have I done wrong?


onSelect: function(){


    switch ($d) {
        case Jan1:
            header(Location: '/html/Jan/Jan1/Jan1.html')
        case Jan2:
            header(Location: '/html/Jan/Jan2/Jan2.html')

As you might suspect, my goal is to get the datepicker to redirect to a page when a certain date is chosen, where I have set up a php switch to handle that (there will be a ton of pages, so I thought that would be pretty much the cleanest way).

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Thanks to jedwards, he gave me the right push.

Here's a bit modified code (the original wasn't working).

onSelect: function(){
            var getd = $(this).datepicker("getDate");
            var datePart = $.datepicker.formatDate("M/Md/Md",getd);
            location.href = ("/html/" + datePart + ".html");
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Happy you got it working, feel free to check your own answer instead, especially if you'll be hanging around SO :-) –  jedwards Oct 23 '12 at 22:51

There doesn't seem to be a need for PHP here. Something like

onSelect: function(dateStr, dp){
    var datePart = $.datepicker.formatDate("M/Md/Md", dp.getDate());
    window.location("http://www.yoursite.com/" + datePart + ".html"

Is probably closer to what you want.

The idea is to get the date using the getDate() method, then format it in the Jan/Jan1/Jan1 style, then redirect your browser to the page you want.

You'll have to change a few things in this to get it to work for sure, but this should point you in the right direction.

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