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I am attempting to test an AngularJS controller with a Jasmine unit test spec file. My approach is to use $httpBacked, in the following test:

describe('SubmissionsController', function() {
    var minimal_mock_response = [ { id: 1 } ]; 
    var scope, routeParams, $httpBackend; 


    beforeEach(inject(function($_httpBackend_, $rootScope) {
        scope = $rootScope.$new();  
        $httpBackend = $_httpBackend_;
        routeParams = {};

    it('passes a trivial test', function() {

I inserted the expect(true).toBe(true) just to get the test to execute and fail, even though it does not touch the angular controller. When I I attempt to run the test with jasmine-headless-webkit, I receive the following error:

jasmine-headless-webkit spec/javascripts/SubmissionsControllerSpec.js

Running Jasmine specs...
FAIL: 1 test, 1 failure, 0.011 secs.

Submissions controllers SubmissionsController passes a trivial test.     (XXX/spec/javascripts/SubmissionsControllerSpec.js:18)
Error: Unknown provider: $_httpBackend_Provider <- $_httpBackend_

Test ordering seed: --seed 9254 

Are there any hints on how I can correct this error and make the trivial test execute?

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I believe this is because you're injecting the wrong service. It doesn't know what $_httpBackend_ is. You should be able to just do this:

beforeEach(inject(function($httpBackend, $rootScope) {
    scope = $rootScope.$new();  
    routeParams = {};

If you want to get a reference to the $httpBackend service once and store that as $httpBackend, ghiden's answer is the way to go.

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Fixed that problem, thanks! – oxirane Oct 24 '12 at 16:33
The only issue here was a typo. It should have been _$httpBackend_, not $_httpBackend_. The answer below is preferable to this one. – Richard Morgan Dec 18 '13 at 17:30
@RichardMorgan You're right. I've updated my answer. +1 to ghiden – dnc253 Dec 18 '13 at 18:38
Yes, angular injector strips away _ in $httpBackend, and you want to have it $httpBackend if you want to have variable availalbe at describe level with the same name – mPrinC Feb 17 '14 at 15:00

Enclosing service names with underscores has some benefit.

From your code, I can see that you probably wanted to save the reference to $httpBackend. This is how you wanted to do. The placement of underscore was one off.

beforeEach(inject(function(_$httpBackend_, $rootScope) {
    scope = $rootScope.$new();  
    $httpBackend = _$httpBackend_;

Angular is smart enough to remove underscores and returns $httpBackend back to you, and you can save it to your own $httpBackend.

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This is the answer that should be marked as correct, or else you wont be able to use the service by the familiar name "$httpBackend" inside your tests. – Kenneth Lynne Apr 4 '13 at 13:39

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