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I don't understand why my (g)vim doesn't suggest anything when I try to open another file or to split the window. When I use the tab key to complete the file name, a "^I" (capital i) appears instead.

e.g. ":split ev^I" when I know there is a file named event_queue.adb in the current directory...

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It works for me as expected, so I can't easily tell what the problem may be. However, does :set wildmenu help at all? If not, how about if you set wildchar to a non-tab key (e.g. :set wildchar=$ or :set wildchar=$? Also if you have wildchar set to other than tab, that could cause the problem you see and :set wildchar=<Tab> would fix it.

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Nope, nothing works, still this ^I... Thank you anyway –  gcomte Oct 24 '12 at 17:48

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