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We have s3 bucket in aws, with videos in it. We need to stream those videos using AWS iOS sdk.

So far the only option I could find was streaming using URL.(for public videos)

But what about s3 getOBject request - I can download the videos and then view it, but is there a way to download in chunks an view it?

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Found a way to do it, you generate secure URL to access

S3GetPreSignedURLRequest * request = [[S3GetPreSignedURLRequest alloc] init];
request.key = fileName;
request.bucket = self.bucket;
[request setExpires:[NSDate dateWithTimeIntervalSinceNow:3600]];
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I help maintain the AWS SDK for iOS.

The SDK supports ranges on the get request so you can download chunks of data in discrete operations.

getObjectRequest = [[S3GetObjectRequest alloc] initWithKey:FILE withBucket:BUCKET];
[getObjectRequest setRangeStart:START rangeEnd:END];
[s3 getObject:getObjectRequest];

The SDK also contains a delegate protocol that could be used to process data as it is downloaded in a streaming fashion.

AmazonRequestDelegate protocol

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getObject is by default a non-blocking download call. So basically the framework is designed to handle a callback once the download is complete to give you the data in the output stream and feed it to the client stream for viewing.

SDKs supports non blocking downloads so ideally you'd download in chunks at the client side as well.

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