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hey you must have used Macromedia Dreamwaever & flash & fireworks, in all these aplications on the right side there is a collapsable menu. "When you click on it it expands and show its contents and on another click it collapses"...

I'm working on a project in C# winforms and that sort of menu is an important interface requirement. How can get it in my winforms, is there a library for it or what, and i want the solution to be free bcuz i don't have any funding...

I have an alternative that i can design a collapsible menu in html but then how to show it inside a winform and how to communicate data between c# winforms & html...

you must pardon my long question, i am a learner...

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i think u r looking for accordion like controls for winform...check these links show-hide-details-winform and XPTaskBar..

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