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I have some simple server side validation that I put together to validate 6 different sections of my form. I had to do it manually because not even the custom choices (foolproof, fluent, etc) had an attribute that fit the context (if radio button true, hidden counter had to be > 0).

So I have the server side working great, it even displays an error message in the 'validationSummary' section of the form. Now I would like to add some client side validation for these and I was wondering if there was a simple way to slightly modify my server side stuff so it will add in the 'data-val' attributes in the HTML.

Here is an example of one of my server side deals, just a simple if statement:

        if (model.HistoryModel.EverArrested == true)
            if (model.PendingCounter == 0)
                ModelState.AddModelError("Pending", "Additional information is required for Pending Charges.");

Thank you.

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If there was a simple way, don't you think the MVC team would just use that, instead of making things server only? If you want client-side validation you have to implement the full client-side interface.

See http://www.codeproject.com/Articles/275056/Custom-Client-Side-Validation-in-ASP-NET-MVC3

The hardest part is writing the javascript to support it.

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