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I am able to set a socks proxy server by code like this:

    System.getProperties().setProperty("socksProxySet", "true");
    System.getProperties().setProperty("socksProxyHost", address);
    System.getProperties().setProperty("socksProxyPort", port);

Accordind to, I can unset a HTTP, HTTPS and FTP proxy like this:

    System.setProperty("http.proxyHost", null);

Question: Can I unset a socks proxy as well?

By doing:

    System.getProperties().setProperty("socksProxyHost", null);

I got nothing but a NullPointerException...


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You may need to clear socksProxyPort as well.

socksProxySet is imaginary and does nothing; ditto httpProxySet, http.proxySet, https.proxySet, etc. notwithstanding what it says in several books.

However you should really be using for this kind of thing if you have to use and then not use a proxy.

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Yes, I realize that Proxy class is a much better approach, however, I am using extended pieces of codes that didn't implement it, and it would be unpractical to change it now. I am clearing the port as well. Any other idea? – Drugo Oct 24 '12 at 3:30



this will clear the proxy settings.

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