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I want to split a string (insecure foreign line, like exim_mainlog line) by spaces, but not by spaces that are inside of double quotes, and ignore if the quote is escaped by a backslash like \", and ignore the backslash if it is just escaped like \\. Without slow parsing the string manually with FSM.

Example line:

U=mailnull T="test \"quote\" and wild blackslash\\" P=esmtps

Should be split into:

["U=mailnull", "T=\"test \\\"quote\\\" and wild blackslash\\\"", "P=esmtps"]

(Btw, I think ruby should had method for such split.., sigh).

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I think I found simple enough solution: input.scan(/(?:"(?:\\.|[^"])*"|[^" ])+/)

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Hi Catpnosis. Can you please explain this? – vijikumar Oct 24 '12 at 6:13
@vijikumar scan() will collect matched words, it will match any continuity (latest +) of non-quote/space characters ([^" ]), or if quote begin ("() it will match until closing quote ()*") any (*) escaped chars (\\.) or non-quote chars ([^"]). – catpnosis Oct 24 '12 at 10:08
Nice. Thanks --vijikumar – vijikumar Oct 25 '12 at 4:21

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