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Is there a way to generate a Url that is not part of an ApiController inside a ApiController using T4MVC? I dont have an option to do so. controller.Url is null when I run the code below.

var controller = new UrlController();

                foreach (var e in @event.Event.Reports)
                    e.Url = controller.Url.Action(EventReportTypes.GetTypes(e.ReportType, @event.Event.Id, AssetOutput.Html, false));
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I got it to work by doing this.

 var url = new UrlHelper(HttpContext.Current.Request.RequestContext);
                if (url != null)
                    e.Url = url.ActionAbsolute(EventReportTypes.GetTypes(e.ReportType, @event.Id, AssetOutput.Html, false)).Split('&')[0];
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