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I'm trying to create a snippet of regex that will match a URL route.

Basically, if I have this route /users/:id I want /users/100 to match, but /users/100/edit not to match.

This is what I'm using now: users/(.*)/ but because of the greedy match it's matching regardless of what's after the user ID. I need some way of "breaking" the match if there's an /edit or something else on the end of the route.

I've looked into the Regex NOT operator but with no luck.

Any advice?

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Are you just trying to collect digits?

You could use users/(\d*)/

And this one is how you would do it if you wanted to collect everything until a /, and it uses a NOT, ^/users/[^/]*$

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Had to modify it slightly for my use: ^/users/[^/]*/$ but this is exactly what I needed to know, thank you! :) –  James Dawson Oct 24 '12 at 0:18

You can use negative lookahead:


This will always require a trailing slash however. Maybe a better solution would be:


See this post for more information.

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