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I'm trying to make a search that both limits and "offsets" (the keyword from in elasticsearch) the facet result set, so something like:

   "query" : {
       "nested" : {
           "_scope" : "my_scope",
           "path" : "related_award_vendors",
           "score_mode" : "avg",
           "query" : {
               "bool" : {
                   "must" : {
                       "text" : {"related_award_vendors.title" : "inc"}
   "facets" : {
       "facet1" : {
           "terms_stats" : {
               "key_field" : "related_award_vendors.django_id",
               "value_field" : "related_award_vendors.award_amount",
               "size": 5,
           "scope" : "my_scope"        }

In the above, it returns id's 1,2,3,4,5 and if I remove "from" it still returns 1,2,3,5 in the result set.

The "size" is working correctly. In this case, it's returning five items in the result set.

My understanding is that solr can do this. Can this be done in elasticsearch?

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The terms stats facet doesn't support the from parameter. The only way to achieve what you want is to set size to size + offset and ignore first offset entries on the client side. In your example it would mean to request 7 entries and ignore first 2.

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