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I have a field in datatable .If 1000 is the value in it, i want to display it as 1000.00.Then if user changes to 1000.50 it should display as it is.Is there anyway to do this?Can anybody help?

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4 Answers

Sample Code:

Dim bigNumber As Decimal = 1234567.123456
Console.WriteLine("F2: " & bigNumber.ToString("F2"))
Console.WriteLine("N2: " & bigNumber.ToString("N2"))


F2: 1234567.12
N2: 1,234,567.12
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where dbNumber is the variable to convert.

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There is a good chance that you want to display currency, so do this:

1000m.ToString("C"); // Will show $1000.00, $1000,00 etc depending on culture
// OR just
1000m.ToString("N2"); 1000m.ToString("F2"); // For plain numbers: 1000.00, 1000,00
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can be accomplish like..

decimal ab = 50;
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