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I have a Cocos2d game, and am having trouble with the dealloc function (and not on exit either) on one of my game layers (derived from CCLayer). The layer (PuzzleLayer) and it's parent scene is loaded, and does it's thing, and when the user clicks on a button on the layer, it switches the scene to the main menu scene for the game. At one point I was having trouble with having 2 copies of the PuzzleLayer active after going to the PuzzleLayer, going back to the main menu, then going to the PuzzleLayer again - so obviously something was holding on to PuzzleLayer - so I started hunting. I had a delegate on the main game manager class that I was setting to the PuzzleLayer, so I nil'd that. I made sure I was unregistering all my gesture recognizers. I unscheduled my CCTimer update... Somewhere along the way, the problem I was seeing went away (I think unregistering the gestures fixed that), but I had a breakpoint set in PuzzleLayer's dealloc method, and it was never getting called. I checked that I was calling replaceScene on CCDirector - I checked that the parent scene's dealloc was being called (it was) - but the breakpoint in my dealloc was never hit. I then went to the Leaks tool - no leaks. I ran the Allocations tool on it, went through several cycles, looked at the objects created from the class, and they all show that free was being called. So now I'm puzzled as to why my dealloc was never called. The function is:

    CCLOG(@"PuzzleScene::dealloc called");

The breakpoint was on the CCLOG call (which should have said "PuzzleLayer::dealloc called"). Here is what the Allocations instrument shows: Allocations Instrument - PuzzleLayer This is in Xcode 4.5, and I'm using ARC for my project. Cocos2d-iphone 2.0.

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It turned out the problem was NSZombiesEnabled. I searched and searched on SO, looked through all the suggesting questions before posting my question - but as soon as I submitted my question the link to this question appeared - and it solved my problem.

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