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I am very new to development and have been given a well pretty unrealistic timeline in which to become familiar with things like xcode. I have a 0.00 budget and only 2 weeks to put together a basic app for my local government organization. We are a very small town but want to branch into newer technology. I have been tasked with creating a free app with just a few features such as calendar and contacts page. Not a Hello World easy experience but should be simple enough. Basically I am just overwhelmed and not sure where to begin or if there is a "fill in the blank" option out there for non profit app development. I am not looking to pirate or steal designs but this is a free program in which I will not even be attaching my name to. I plan on diving deep into xcode and working on being a much more well rounded IT tech later possibly releasing a updated and more fluid design later on. For now though I am overwhelmed and under time constraint.

Thank you for your time.

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No experience in iOS and only two weeks to start and finish an app? Sorry to say that but you won't make it on time. If you have 20 hours of time to watch videos CS193p from Stanford is always a great start. –  Matthias Bauch Oct 24 '12 at 2:09

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Well, after working on iOS for a while, I believe I can give you a few pointers. You said you were on a $0.00 budget, but I think it would be quite useful to buy this book: iOS Programming The Big Nerd Ranch Guide.

That guide helped me a lot, it goes over the major aspects of app development, but is very easy to follow.

Also, hopefully you have some C experience. If you have C experience then Objective-C should be very easy. Actually, I had never done any C before, only java, but found Objective-C extremely easy to use. Just follow a few guides and be sure to read some of Apple's Documentation.

As for actual development, be sure to use Xcode and Instruments. Those tools are essential. Also, while you are still new, USE STORYBOARDS. Storyboards make it very easy to set up UI elements and can be connected to your code very easily. But really, just do some reading. After a few months you'll get the hang of it if you keep reading. Apple's APIs do a great deal of things for you, so it shouldn't be too difficult at all.

Also, an Apple Development Account will need to be made, and I'm talking about the paid one. $100 dollars isn't chump change so be sure you create the account ONLY when you are getting pretty close to finishing an app.

And of course, post questions here at Stackoverflow, we are glad to help in anyway we can. Already we have thousands of questions answered having to do with iOS programming and we want to solve some more.

Objective-C is one of the easier languages to learn, in fact, it has made other languages seem like Chinese or something. Apple did a good job.

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I'd check out iOS in Practice (just released) and see if some of the apps are what you are looking for. Maybe between stackoverflow and a couple of apps, you can get something done. I'd also diagram out how it will work specifically calls to server. good luck!

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Thank you for your response was the iOS in Action a book? possibly a website? a quick google search didnt bring any clear answers if you could elaborate please –  user1769945 Oct 24 '12 at 14:45
sorry updated answer with link to book, Ace's advice is also good –  timpone Oct 24 '12 at 23:08

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