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Does anyone know how to localize the "Month", "Year", "Okay" and "Cancel" labels of the org.apache.wicket.extensions.yui.calendar.DatePicker?

According to the API you can override the the localize(Map) method to set up localized Strings, but i failed to find out what the names of the corresponding properties are.

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No clear solution, just added a list of links for you to explore... – VonC Aug 20 '09 at 11:10
Looking through the source of DatePicker it seems like at least Month/Year labels are tied to Component's locale setting. Beyond that I'm not sure where the other labels do come from. – Esko Aug 21 '09 at 7:33

According to this you may localize the labels by overriding the configure method of the DatePicker class:

    public class DatePicker extends org.apache.wicket.extensions.yui.calendar.DatePicker {

    protected void configure(Map<String, Object> widgetProperties) {

        * var navConfig = {
        *   strings: {
        *   month:"Calendar Month",
        *   year:"Calendar Year",
        *   submit: "Submit",
        *   cancel: "Cancel",
        *   invalidYear: "Please enter a valid year"
        *   },
        * monthFormat: YAHOO.widget.Calendar.SHORT,
        * initialFocus: "month"
        * }

        Map<String, Object> strings = new HashMap<String, Object>();
        strings.put("month", "Месяц");
        strings.put("year", "Год");
        strings.put("submit", "Ok"); // put label for 'Okay' button
        strings.put("cancel", "Отмена"); // put label for 'Cancel' button
        strings.put("invalidYear", "Введите корректный год");

        Map<String, Object> props = new HashMap<String, Object>();
        props.put("strings", strings); // pass localization related parameters
        props.put("monthFormat", "YAHOO.widget.Calendar.SHORT");
        props.put("initialFocus", "year");

        widgetProperties.put("navigator", props);

Hope you'll find this code snippet useful.

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The ticket 754 add support for localization.

May be the patch introduced then can give you some clues? It references:






Regarding the localization of the labels itself, may be you could try:

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That allows for localization of the actual months and week days. What i'm looking for is localization for the labels "Month", "Year", "Okay" and "Cancel" (the latter 2 are button labels). – tehvan Aug 20 '09 at 9:24
@tehvan: "What I'm looking for is localization for the labels"... which you did already told me in your previous comment! Sorry about that. Still looking for the right answer. – VonC Aug 20 '09 at 10:20

I think you are talking about the labels on the calendar navigator. This example might be helpful.

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I think this solution is nice:

protected static final String[] NAVIGATOR_LOCALIZATION_KEYS = {
    "month", "year", "submit", "cancel", "invalidYear",

In overridden method u should write: 

super.configure(widgetProperties, response, initVariables);
    Map<String, String> strings = MapBuilder.newHashMap();
    for (String key : NAVIGATOR_LOCALIZATION_KEYS) {
        strings.put(key, LocalizationUtils.getString(key));
        "navigator", Collections.singletonMap("strings", strings)
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