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I need to host a static web site along with a Django application server on the same Apache virtual host. The static site needs to be accessible from the root url (/), while the application server should be invoked only when the url begins with /service. I need to use mod_wsgi to integrate the Django service with Apache. Ideally, I could configure the two sites with something like this:

WSGIScriptAlias /service service.wsgi
Alias / "/var/www/"

However, Apache prioritizes Alias before WSGIScriptAlias, and hence all requests end up at the static web site. How can I get the behavior that I want. I've tried using mod_redirect, but haven't been successful.

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More of a server configuration question; better suited for serverfault.com –  Burhan Khalid Oct 24 '12 at 5:30

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Alias / "/var/www/"

Set DocumentRoot for the default static file root.

DocumentRoot /var/www

Also be aware that the target path for the WSGIScriptAlias directive has to be an absolute path and can't just be 'service.wsgi'.

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Thanks much. I can't believe it was that easy, but it works perfectly. I can throw out all the ineffective mod_rewrite rules I've tried. –  user1769997 Oct 24 '12 at 18:15

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