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I want to convert a image which take from camera to black and white and print it.This image is just take from document or paper. so I use the follow code:


GPUImagePicture *stillImageSource = [[GPUImagePicture alloc] initWithImage:  srcImg ];            

GPUImageAdaptiveThresholdFilter *stillImageFilter = [[GPUImageAdaptiveThresholdFilter alloc] init];
stillImageFilter.blurSize = 1;

[stillImageSource addTarget:stillImageFilter];
[stillImageSource processImage];

UIImage *outputImg = [stillImageFilter imageFromCurrentlyProcessedOutput];
[stillImageSource release];
[stillImageFilter release];


but the output image has so many sawtooth, because the image is full binarization , and it just need partial binarization. so I convert the source image to grayscale first and then give the max contrast , the image is looks so good,but the light and shadow can not remove . Any ideas,thanks.

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try to apply GPUImageLuminanceThresholdFilter after GPUImageAdaptiveThresholdFilter, and play with 'blurSize' property

-(UIImage *)doBinarize:(UIImage *)sourceImage

 GPUImagePicture *imageSource = sourceImage;

    GPUImageAdaptiveThresholdFilter *stillImageFilter = [[GPUImageAdaptiveThresholdFilter alloc] init];
    stillImageFilter.blurRadiusInPixels = 8.0;//play with it

    GPUImageLuminanceThresholdFilter *stillImageFilter2 = [[GPUImageLuminanceThresholdFilter alloc] init];
    stillImageFilter2.threshold = 0.5f;//
    [stillImageFilter addFilter:stillImageFilter2];

    [stillImageFilter prepareForImageCapture];

    [imageSource addTarget:stillImageFilter];

    [imageSource processImage];

    UIImage *retImage = [stillImageFilter imageFromCurrentlyProcessedOutput];

    [imageSource removeAllTargets];

    return retImage;
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