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I have NSManagedObject with a 'one-to-many' relationship to a set of items. I love how I can use KVC keyPaths to easily get quantity below as a sum across all my items.

- (NSNumber *)quantity
    return [self valueForKeyPath:@"items.@sum.quantity"];

Now I want to know if it's possible to do the something similar here for value. Something like @"items.@sum.(quantity * value)" ?

- (NSNumber *)value
    double value = 0;
    for (Item *item in self.items)
        value += [[item quantity] doubleValue] * [[item value] doubleValue];
    return [NSNumber numberWithDouble:value];
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No. Sometimes you just gotta write code.

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I figured out how to do this.

Just add a new property to the Item class and override the getter

@property (nonatomic, readonly) NSNumber *totalValue;


- (NSNumber *)totalValue
    return [NSNumber numberWithDouble:[self.value doubleValue] * [self.quantity doubleValue]];

Now you can use @"items.@sum.totalValue as a keyPath

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