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I want to play a warning sound in C# when some event / trigger occurs.

How are sounds played in WinForms and how can you adjust the volume etc?

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For playing sound simply, with no interaction you can use System.Media.SoundPlayer:

System.Media.SoundPlayer player = new System.Media.SoundPlayer();
player.SoundLocation = "soundFile.wav";
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NAudio is a great libary for this sort of functionality. You can find it here: http://naudio.codeplex.com/

& an introductory tutorial here: http://opensebj.blogspot.com/2009/02/introduction-to-using-naudio.html

Cheers, Sebastian

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hey really great library there...cool work –  Moon Aug 21 '09 at 4:55

Try this link MSDN and also here for additional reading.

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if i use the method given in your msdn or the code that "charlie boy" posted above. is there gonna be a difference between memory usage and other resources etc, are they gonna make the form heavy or light...

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