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for arg
        echo "$arg"

In file called compile.

I tried this:

compile ha -aa -bb -cc -dd -ee -ff -gg


Why does -ee not show up? In fact, it seems that -[e]+ does not show up.

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Because the version of echo you use takes -e as an option (meaning "expand escape characters").

Edited to add:

The standard response to this type of question is "use printf", which is strictly accurate but somewhat unsatisfactory. printf is a lot more annoying to use because of the way it handles multiple arguments. Thus:

$ echo -e a b c
a b c
$ printf "%s\n" -e a b c
$ printf "%s" -e a b c
-eabc$ # That's not what I wanted either

Of course, you just need to remember to quote the entire argument sequence, but that can lead to annoying quote-escaping issues.

Consequently, I offer for your echoing pleasure:

$ ech-o() { printf "%s\n" "$*"; }
$ ech-o -e a b c
-e a b c
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Here it says that it's not possible with GNU echo but you could use printf.

for arg
    printf "%s\n" "$arg"
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