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Recently I updated my machine thus all my DEV environment got updated with latest Eclipse and Android SDK. After hours of struggling to get my apps working in the simulator I got with a "WebView" client issue where it started giving my "Object moved to here" which suggests that it is a SSL error on URL redirection. So I added OnReceivedSSLError event handler. Now I cannot compile the project as it is asking me to change my minSDKVersion to 8 i.e. Android 2.2.

I want to build my app so that can be used on phones with SDK version 1.6 and higher. I have 500+ customers that are currently using my app that are on Android 1.6.

So if I add this event will I loose v1.6 customers and if I don't then will my customers with higher Android versions will get this SSL error?

Please advise.

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