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I'm having issues syncing JSON data received from the server with my views after a fetch.

I do not have a collection of "mainmodel", because I'm only working with one "mainmodel" at a time but numerous "mymodel", anyhow, the structure follows:

    var mymodel = Backbone.Model.extend({
        defaults: {k1:"",

    var collection = Backbone.Collection.extend({model:mymodel,});

    var mainmodel = Backbone.Model.extend({
        defaults: {v1:"",
                   v4:new collection()

I create the nested views for "mymodel" from a render function in a parent view. This works..., only when I'm working with a new model.

// My ParentView render function
render: function() {
for (var i = 0; i < this.model.v4.length;i++) {
    var view = new MyModelView({model:this.model.v4.at(i)});
return this;

// The MyModelView render function below 
render: function() {
return this;

Now, the above works if I open my application and create models from there. However, If I open my app and supply an id, I make a fetch to the server, retrieve the data, and create a new ParentView I end up getting an error that says "this.model.v4.at not a function". Ugh.

So now, if I change the FIRST render function to be, changing the at(i) to [i]

    var view = new MyModelView({model:this.model.v4[i]});

And change the second render function, removing toJSON, to be:


It renders. But I still can't move around views without errors. No surprise. I have used console.log(JSON.stringify(this.model)); as they arrive into the parentView and MyModelView. The JSON returned looks like this, whether fetched or created.

     "v4":[{"k1":"key1","k2":"key2","k3","key"}, { ... }, { ... }]

The JSON data structures appear to be identical. I thought the JSON format was incorrect, so I tried using JSON.parse before handing the model to the view, but that didn't work. Maybe I'm way off, but I originally thought I had a JSON formatting issue, but now I don't know. The server is returning content as 'application/json'.

Edit: The JSON values for v1,v2,v3 render correctly.

Any ideas?

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You have two problems: one you know about and one you don't.

The problem you know about is that your mainmodel won't automatically convert your v4 JSON to a collection so you end up with an array where you're expecting a collection. You can fix this by adding a parse to your mainmodel:

parse: function(response) {
        response.v4 = new collection(response.v4);
    return response;

The problem you don't know about is that your defaults in mainmodel has a hidden reference sharing problem:

var mainmodel = Backbone.Model.extend({
    defaults: {
        v4: new collection()

Anything you define in the Backbone.Model.extend object ends up on your model's prototype so the entire defaults object is shared by all instances of your model. Also, Backbone will do a shallow copy of defaults into your new models. So if you m1 = new mainmodel() and m2 = new mainmodel(), then m1 and m2 will have exactly the same v4 attribute. You can solve this by using a function for defaults:

var mainmodel = Backbone.Model.extend({
    defaults: function() {
        return {
            v1: '',
            v2: '',
            v3: '',
            v4: new collection()
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That was it! Works pretty good now. Thanks! –  fbynite Oct 24 '12 at 4:51
Great answer, thanks for it ! –  Cristiano Fontes Oct 24 '12 at 9:49

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