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Does anyone know how I can have a macro load on document load when opening a PowerPoint pot-template? I've looked at some Auto_Open and add-ins which looks like need to be set. But there's a few settings that need to be set as well within PowerPoint itself for it to work. I've got a template which thousands of users are about to be using. And setting these settings sound like a horrible job to do for all users. Adding the add-in, adjusting security settings AND allowing Trust access to Visual Basic Projects (a security setting within PowerPoint). It would be a major problem if everybody need to do all of this manually.

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I've successfully done this with an AddIn's Auto_Open method, combined with creating event handlers using the approach described here. My plan is to digitally sign the Add-In (to prevent Macro prompts) and the end-users perform the step of loading the Add-In.

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Yeah, I've looked into that :) But would it be possible to roll out this in a massive scale? What would have to be done? –  Kenny Bones Aug 20 '09 at 20:53

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