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I'm going to create a Webapp. As I want to allow the user to login on offline mode. Is it safe to keep confidential tables in Appcache of the browser for offline access?

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No, it's not save! Never trust the data from/on your client! If someone gets access to the browser, the cache and your code can be seen/analysed/chanced.

What you can do:

  • Store the access-data hash and salted, so it is more expensive to get it. But only the login of the one, who is just logged in.
  • If the application goes offline, reduce the data on the client, as much as possible.
  • Confidentials shouldn't be at the client longer than needed!
  • When information is sent back to server after going online again, tell the user, what will happen/what happend and check the login on the server! Sometimes this is quite annoying for the user, but saver.
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