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I was going through the getting started guide for windows phone in phonegap ( cordova )

and I completed

  • Download and install Windows Phone SDK
  • Download the latest copy of Cordova and extract its contents

The next step is

  • *copy the file to the folder : \My Documents\Visual Studio 2010\Templates\ProjectTemplates*

I could not find the zip file with cordova, which I downloaded. Could anyone please help me out.

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up vote 13 down vote accepted is a template , to start with phonegap-windows. If it is missing in your downloaded content you can create it.

  • Open the file lib\windows-phone\templates\standalone\CordovaSolution.sln in Visual Studio Express for Windows Phone
  • From the file menu, select 'Export Template...'
  • Choose template type 'Project template'
  • Give the exported template a name, ex. CordovaStarter-2.1.0 will produce
  • Optionally, you may add a description, icon image, and Preview image. These are what is displayed in Visual Studio in the 'New Project' dialog.-
  • Note: If you select ( 'Automatically import the template ... ') then you will not need to copy the .zip file over as outlined in the phonegap guide.
  • Press 'Finish'

    :-And to set up a new project:-

  • Open Visual Studio Express for Windows Phone and choose New Project.

  • Select CordovaStarter. ( the version number will be displayed in the template description )

  • note: If you do not see it, you may have to select the top level 'Visual C#' to see it

  • Give your project a name, and select OK.

  • The 'www' folder contains your Cordova html/js/css and any other resources included in your app.

  • Hit the green play button beside the Windows Phone Emulator drop-down menu to start debugging or press F5.

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Thanks, very helpful. It's always a bounce-around experience trying to use cutting edges releases :) – JoshGough Nov 17 '12 at 1:50
Thanks... It helped. – Hardik Thakkar Dec 20 '12 at 13:44
+1 for a well explained answer. – Kumar Ravi Feb 2 '13 at 5:18

You can find it from (PhoneGap 2.8.1 Released 12 Jun 2013) on ;)

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