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Source: github

In trying to pass a freshly instantiated mongoose.model through expressjs' render function, I come upon the following error: "ReferenceError: jade is not defined"

The controller...

var mongoose = require("mongoose")
  , Client = mongoose.model("Client")

exports.new = function (req, res) {
    res.render("clients/new", {
        headline: "New Client",
        client: new Client({})

I have also tried client: new Client(), storing the instantiated object in a var then passing it to the final render object with no change. Removing the new Client({}) bit gets past the 500 error, but does not solve the issue at hand.

Some config...

app.set("views", __dirname + "/app/views")
app.set("view engine", "jade")

The model...

var mongoose = require("mongoose")
  , Schema = mongoose.Schema

var Client = new Schema({
    company: { type: String },
    contact: {
        name: { type: String },
        phone: { type: String },
        email: { type: String }
    created: { type: Date, default: Date.now }

mongoose.model("Client", Client)

Node v0.8.12
Express >= v3.0.0
Mongoose v3.3.1
Jade v0.27.6

Source: github

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This problem is obviously caused by a keyword clash within the jade template engine.

I found your problem description interesting enough to try it out myself. After changing the jade template variable identifier client to myclient and passing a new mongoose Client model instance everything worked fine:

In app/controllers/clients_controller:

res.render("clients/new", {
    headline: "New Client",
    myclient: new Client({company: 'Foo Company'})

In views/clients/new:


I forked your repository, committed those changes and send you a pull request (first and foremost because I'm relatively new to git and grab every chance to learn some more basics).

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Perfect! Dang keywords. (btw, merged your pull request) Thanks for the help! –  davidg Oct 24 '12 at 16:34

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