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Im really lost at the moment what I need to do its open a file find !@#function#@! and run a php function in its place.

I've been using file_get_contents() to open the file and I have to go through at replace certain things. there is simple things like text I can go through and replace with just a simple str_replace(). what I need to do is run a function and let it out etc etc in place of !@#function#@! in the file string.

I hope this makes some sense Im struggling to explain it myself.

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It sounds like you're writing a templating engine. I suggest taking a look at things like Smartie or Twig, which already do this. (either to use them instead to avoid re-inventing the wheel, or to read their code and learn from them if you do want to do it yourself) – Spudley Oct 24 '12 at 6:57
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I guess what you need is preg_replace_callback

$file = file_get_contents();

$newFile = preg_replace_callback('/(\!\@\#function\#\@\!)/is', 'yourfunction',$file);
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