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a installed Visual Studio 2012 and migrate my Web Apps to .NET 4.5. I had many resx files in App_GlobalResources and always it works.

After migration resx files generates in designer "namespace MyApp.App_GlobalResources" instead of "namespace Resources".

I solved this with rename App_GlobalResources to "Resources" and change custom tool from "GlobalResourceProxyGenerator" to "PublicResXFileCodeGenerator".

But it doesn't work with expression e.g.: <%$ Resources: Users, LoginTitle %>

Thanks for advice

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Although I changed Custom Tool to : PublicResXFileCodeGenerator, I dont know if it worked for me.

The main issue is - In my case, when I built my MVC 3 project on Visual Studio 2012, it made namespace "Resources" for the .resx files.

As in Visual Studio 2010, it was under namespace "App_GlobalResources".

I renamed the namespace under designer.cs for the Resource files back to "App_GlobalResources", and it worked for me.

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I found this article. Now it works

I've set custom tool to : PublicResXFileCodeGenerator

custom tool namespace to: Resources

and build action: Embeded Resource

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