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What Im looking is a good background gem for a cms made in Ruby on Rails. The workflow I had in mind is this.

All articles are divided into categories. So when the user has no made any categories the user cannot enter any articles. So I need a section for making, updating, deleting categories. Then I need a way a user chooses a category and then the user can enter a article which will be a part of that category.

Does anyone know a gem which can provide this. I have tried activeadmin but it looks it cannot do the job,


share|improve this question would be a great place to start looking.

ps. ActiveAdmin probably can do the job, but without seeing the code you've got, we can't help you fix it.

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The code I have so far can be found here : – Kern Twente Oct 24 '12 at 9:24

It sounds like you want a blogging app

This one seems good. They have a demo, so you can test run it.

refinery Is more like a cms, but there is a demo, so it take 10 secounds to see if it is what you want

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