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I have a value stored in variable of type System.TimeSpan as follows.

System.TimeSpan storedTime = 03:00:00;

Can I re-store it in another variable of type String as follows?

String displayValue = "03:00 AM";

And if storedTime variable has the value of

storedTime = 16:00:00;

then it should be converted to:

String displayValue = "04:00 PM";
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You can do this by adding your timespan to the date.

TimeSpan timespan = new TimeSpan(03,00,00);
DateTime time = DateTime.Today.Add(timespan);
string displayTime = time.ToString("hh:mm tt"); // It will give "03:00 AM"
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You can add the TimeSpan to a DateTime, for example:

TimeSpan span = TimeSpan.FromHours(16);
DateTime time = DateTime.Today + span;
String result = time.ToString("hh:mm tt");

Demo: http://ideone.com/veJ6tT

04:00 PM

Standard Date and Time Format Strings

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string displayValue="03:00 AM";

This is a point in time , not a duration (TimeSpan).

So something is wrong with your basic design or assumptions.

If you do want to use it, you'll have to convert it to a DateTime (point in time) first. You can format a DateTime without the date part, that would be your desired string.

TimeSpan t1 = ...;
DateTime d1 = DateTime.Today + t1;               // any date will do
string result = d1.ToString("hh:mm:ss tt");

storeTime variable can have value like

No, it can have a value of 4 o'clock but the representation is binary, a TimeSpan cannot record the difference between 16:00 and 4 pm.

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It's unfortunate that DateTime.TimeOfDay returns a TimeSpan - Microsoft leads you to this design :( –  Jon Skeet Oct 24 '12 at 7:35
@JonSkeet I don't know that it's the worst design (and I know you're a wonk on the matter, respectfully, given your work on Noda), it's a matter of understanding the limitations of the interpretation. There's no concept of a relative DateTime, if there was, then this ("03:00 AM") would simply be an instance of that. However, I can see that for the majority of use cases, that design (a relative DateTime) would overcomplicate the issues (of course, this is at the expense of making it more complicated for doing very specific work around dates, times, absolute or not, timezones, etc.) –  casperOne Oct 24 '12 at 11:43
@casperOne: Fundamentally it's using one type to represent information which would logically be stored in a different type, just because if you squint hard enough they look similar. I wouldn't suggest overloading the meaning of DateTime even further (it's already bad enough). There should be a type representing a "time of day" - which is, of course, exactly what I've implemented in Noda Time. Whenever you try to stuff lots of different concepts into a small number of types, you're bound to get problems like this. –  Jon Skeet Oct 24 '12 at 11:47

Parse timespan to DateTime and then use Format ("hh:mm:tt"). For example.

TimeSpan ts = new TimeSpan(16, 00, 00);
DateTime dtTemp = DateTime.ParseExact(ts.ToString(), "HH:mm:ss", CultureInfo.InvariantCulture);
string str = dtTemp.ToString("hh:mm tt");

str will be:

str = "04:00 PM"
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You will need to get a DateTime object from your TimeSpan and then you can format it easily.

One possible solution is adding the timespan to any date with zero time value.

var timespan = new TimeSpan(3, 0, 0);
var output = new DateTime().Add(timespan).ToString("hh:mm tt");

The output value will be "03:00 AM" (for english locale).

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At first, you need to convert time span to DateTime structure:

var dt = new DateTime(2000, 12, 1, timeSpan.Hours, timeSpan.Minutes, timeSpan.Seconds)

Then you need to convert the value to string with Short Time format

var result = dt.ToString("t"); // Convert to string using Short Time format
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static void Main(string[] args)
    string storeTime = "06:00:00";
    string parsedTime = ParseTime(storeTime);


public static string ParseTime(string date)
    return DateTime.Parse(date).ToString("t");

For a list of various DateTime formatting options - C# DateTime formatting

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Doing some piggybacking off existing answers here:

public static string ToShortTimeSafe(this TimeSpan timeSpan)
    return new DateTime().Add(timeSpan).ToShortTimeString();

public static string ToShortTimeSafe(this TimeSpan? timeSpan)
    return timeSpan == null ? string.Empty : timeSpan.Value.ToShortTimeSafe();
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