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I have a html table, when i click any tr it is displaying a new tr after clicked 'row' with slide down options. It's working fine.

But i need to display this new dynamic tr row using slideUp then slideDown options like rediff mail. If u login with rediffmail, when we click any mail it will display new row with slideUp option again we clicked that row, new row will be hide with slideDown option.

How to i achieve this using jquery?

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Not sure I understand your question, but this might help...

slideUp() does not function well on table rows because they have no height associated, instead tables adjust to fit the contents within. To get around this, wrap a div around contents within each td on the row and then animate those divs.

As an example, this will slideUp() and remove() a table row correctly:

rw.find("td div:not(:last)").slideUp();
rw.find("td div:last").slideUp(function(){ rw.remove(); });
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