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I will add a disclaimer that the context of this might not make sense unless you are familiar with Eloquent Javascript.

In the online edition of Eloquent Javascript (Chapter 6), I am trying to understand the explanation for code example 6.3.

The example specifically covers the splitParagraph() function, however I have added all the additional functions in the code example to make it work standalone at the example at the bottom of this post, but specifically I am trying to understand why the author has suggested to go the long way to find the length of the string.

The author suggests to use A):

var end = reduce(Math.min, text.length, map(indexOrEnd, ["*", "{"]));

Why not just use B):

var end = text.length;

I have tried to use B) and the results seem to be the same. I can work out what is going on with A), but I don't see what the point to doing it in such a way is.

Here is the full code dump, I have made a modification at the bottom to output it if anybody copies and pastes it:

function reduce(combine, base, array) {
  forEach(array, function (element) {
    base = combine(base, element);
  return base;

function forEach(array, action) {
  for (var i = 0; i < array.length; i++)

function map(func, array) {
  var result = [];
  forEach(array, function (element) {
  return result;

function splitParagraph(text) {

    function indexOrEnd(character) {
        var index = text.indexOf(character);
        return index == -1 ? text.length : index;

    function takeNormal() {
        var end = reduce(Math.min, text.length, map(indexOrEnd, ["*", "{"]));
        var part = text.slice(0, end);
        text = text.slice(end);
        return part;

    function takeUpTo(character) {
        var end = text.indexOf(character, 1);
        if (end == -1)
            throw new Error("Missing closing '" + character + "'");

        var part = text.slice(1, end);
        text = text.slice(end + 1);

        return part;

  var fragments = [];

  while (text != "") {
    if (text.charAt(0) == "*")
      fragments.push({type: "emphasised", content: takeUpTo("*")});
    else if (text.charAt(0) == "{")
      fragments.push({type: "footnote", content: takeUpTo("}")});
      fragments.push({type: "normal", content: takeNormal()});
  return fragments;

console.log(splitParagraph("hello world"));
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using method A break the string at the occurrences of { or *. so splitParagraph function will break a text containing those character.


var x = splitParagraph("Hello boy *you're the best* friend {for me}");

x will contain

  { type: "normal", content "hello boy " },
  { type: "emphasised", content "you're the best" },
  { type: "normal", content " friend " },
  { type: "footnote", content "for me" }

using method B x will contain

  { type: "normal", content "Hello boy *you're the best* friend {for me}" }
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