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So here's the scenario, I have the following string:

    Detroit 7 Chicago 13 (FINAL)

I want it to return an array as follows:

    array() { 

The trick is it can't be space delimited because of cities with spaces in the name, also the scores may be one or two digits.

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what's your effort? –  Nemoden Oct 24 '12 at 8:04
Is the format always string - int - string - int - string? –  Sherlock Oct 24 '12 at 8:07
You could use this regex with preg_match –  Eun Oct 24 '12 at 8:12

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$subject = 'Detroit 7 Chicago 13 (FINAL)';
$matches = array();
if (preg_match('~^(.+) ([0-9]{1,2}) (.+) ([0-9]{1,2}) \((.+)\)$~i', $subject, $matches)) {
    $result = array(
        'T1_Name'  => $matches[1],
        'T1_Score' => $matches[2],
        'T2_Name'  => $matches[3],
        'T2_Score' => $matches[4],
        'Quarter'  => $matches[5],

Something like that should do it.

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PHP preg_match

Something like this perhaps?

preg_match('/([a-zA-Z\s]+?)[\s]+([\d]+)([a-zA-Z\s]+?)[\s]+([\d]+)[\s]+\(([\w]+)\)/', "Detroit 7 Chicago 13 (FINAL)", $matches);
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