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My question looks similar to this. However, it is a bit more in general: Let me try to explain: I am using the ActionBarSherlock with the Tabsadapter and Viewpager. I have replaced all the fragments with my own and now I have a button in one of my fragments which, when clicked on, starts the following onclick handler:

public void onAcceptSelected() {

    SherlockFragment addFirstChildFragment = AddChildFragment.newInstance();
    getSupportActionBar().setTitle("The new title of the fragment here");
    FragmentTransaction ft = getSupportFragmentManager().beginTransaction();
     ft.replace(R.id.pager, addFirstChildFragment);


The problem is then that the following method in the new fragment:

public View onCreateView(LayoutInflater inflater, ViewGroup container,
        Bundle savedInstanceState) {
     View v = inflater.inflate(R.layout.fragment_childeditor, container, false);
    return v;

does not result in actually providing a new visible layout: the tab its contents are empty (e.g. I see a holo white themed empty tab).

Now I have the following questions:

My main question is: "How should I replace fragments within a tab?" with subquestions:

  1. Should I adapt the XML of the Tabs and Pager example and fit it with fragment containers?
  2. What is the best practice for using tabs and a viewpager with many fragments? Because I want to use the tabs as my main navigation, but I will have plenty of different fragments.
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Its fairly simple. Just change the fragment associated to the tab like the way you replace other fragment.

            Fragment donorpage = new DonorRegistrationPage(); // new fragment for the tab

            FragmentTransaction transaction = getFragmentManager().beginTransaction();

            transaction.replace(R.id.fragment_container, donorpage, "frag");


            // Commit the transaction

This should replace the fragment of the tab.

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The answer resides in the answers to this question Actionbarsherlock + tabs + multi fragments?

Answers to my questions are: 1. No this is not necessary: I can add them programaticllay. 2. I can use fragmentstacks as the example shows in the link above.

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