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Struggling a bit with HTML positioning. I'm sure it's a pretty simple problem, but just can't crack it.

Please see fiddle:

Basically, I am trying to position the yellow div (#logo) above everything else, so it will push any other content on the page down, even if the screen is resized vertically.

I've tried messing with z-positions, etc. but am not having much luck.

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Is that position:absolute and fixed are really necessary?? Cant you try with relative? – Sowmya Oct 24 '12 at 8:39

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I suggest remove all the fixed positions if it is not necessary and add a outer div to wrap all the child divs.

Check this DEMO

If it is necessary to use the position:fixed to the #logo then you need to check the height of the #logo and give the same value as margin-top to the content div.

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Your #logo has position: fixed; which means the element is removed from the normal page flow.

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