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I have $("div").attr("id", "test") and $("<span>"). I want to concatenate them and assign it to a variable.

var test = $("<div>").attr("style", "color:red").addClass("test")+$("<span>");
$("body").append(test);​ //gives [object Object][object Object]

test += $("div"); //also want to do like this

JSFiddle link showing what i have tried.

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You cannot concat jQuery objects with the plus operator. But jQuery offers the .add() method which allows you to add more elements into an existing wrapped set.

var test = $("<div>").attr("style", "color:red").addClass("test");

test.add( $("<span>") );
test.add( $("<div>") );

Now you can operate on all those elements like

test.appendTo( document.body );

See: http://api.jquery.com/add/

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