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How can I get a list of all the files that were changed in a branch? I can't do a git-diff because the branch is already merged into master.

I would need a way to list all the commits in a branch and extract the path of the files, without duplicates.

If anybody has done a thing like this before it will be really appreciated,

a lot of thanks!

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This works if the branch is pointing to the merge commit:

git diff branch_name^..master --name-only
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Do a git log and figure out from which commit you want to know the differences. Let's say that you determine that the hash of the commit you want is aaaaaa. Then run:

git diff aaaaaa --stat
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If we consider your branch as BranchA wich was branched from master, you can do:

git diff --name-status `git merge-base BranchA master`..BranchA

This will give you the list of changed files in branch prefixed with status (M for modified, A for added, D for deleted).

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