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I need help by a ASP.NET ListView and I have read many tutorials but I don't found the answer to my Problem. I try to explain my Problem.

To My Application:

I use a DataTable with Data from our Active Directory and I fill my ListView with this DataTable about

 this.myListView.DataSource = //myDataTable

For Example my DataTable have three Columns and a few Rows with Userinformations from ActiveDirectory.

enter image description here

If I start my ListView I get this...how in my Picture and my ASPX Code is...

<ListView ...>
     <th> --> Firstname Header
     <th> --> Lastname Header
     <th> --> Location Header
    <tr> --->itemPlaceHolder
   <td> --> Firstname
   <td> --> Lastname
   <td> --> Location

My Idea:

I want if I show my ListView I get this...

enter image description here

For this must use the GroupTemplate but I don't know how I can built my ListView that I can create this Groups. The Problem is that I must know which user have the location and than I must build the ListView.

Can everyone help me :(

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Did you ever get anywhere with this? It's exactly what I'm after too. –  Ted Jul 15 '13 at 13:43

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