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Using jQuery plugin in TypeScript

So I'm making a webApp with the typescript, I already made the webapp in JavaScript and now I want to do it in typescript,

in this webapp I need a few jQuery libraries like a standard jQuery and jQuerySVG, the jQuery.d.ts can be found easily and I can just reference it to the typescript, the problem is that jQuerySVG, I can't find the typescript version for jquery.svg.js (like jQuery.svg.d.ts)

so how can I work this out?

or will the typescript work if I just reference the jQuery.svg.js in the script tag on my html file?

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You will need to generate this file yourself. Its fairly simple to document the functions that you are using in your code by writing the d.ts file.
Update: Looking at the svg documentation, you are looking for a jquery.svg.d.ts file that uses the JQuery selector:

// from documentation on svg:
//$(selector).svg('get') // Retrieve SVG wrapper 
//$(selector).svg('destroy') // Remove SVG functionality 

// this is what you need to put in your jquery.svg.d.ts
interface JQuery {
    svg(loadUrl: string): JQuery;
    svg(x: Function): JQuery;

Then you will be able to write statements like this:


$('selector').svg(() => {
    // function call


Have fun, blorkfish

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how can I generate the d.ts file exactly (for the JQuery.svg library)? –  Eldon Lesley Oct 24 '12 at 9:42
by hand or search for one. no tools generate it for you from plain js –  ryan Oct 24 '12 at 11:35

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