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Is there a SAS procedure / function which can be used to copy a text file from one location to another?

Of course this can be achieve using OS commands (%sysexec copy) but surely there must be an OS-agnostic way to do this?

From what I can tell by looking at the documentation, proc copy (or proc cport) only relate to SAS files..

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Seems Chris Hemedinger has the answer!

/* these IN and OUT filerefs can point to anything */
filename in "c:\dataIn\input.xlsx"; 
filename out "c:\dataOut\output.xlsx"; 

/* copy the file byte-for-byte  */
data _null_;
  length filein 8 fileid 8;
  filein = fopen('in','I',1,'B');
  fileid = fopen('out','O',1,'B');
  rec = '20'x;
  do while(fread(filein)=0);
     rc = fget(filein,rec,1);
     rc = fput(fileid, rec);
     rc =fwrite(fileid);
  rc = fclose(filein);
  rc = fclose(fileid);

filename in clear;
filename out clear;

Thanks Chris

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Raw, you should now be able to mark your answer as correct - might want to as otherwise this looks like it's unanswered :) Also, I'd suggest you add this to the FAQ as it's a commonly needed concept (IMO, for a very limited definition of 'common'). –  Joe Nov 2 '12 at 20:40
Done - thanks Joe - I kinda wanted to make sure there were no 'better' answers first though, as would feel kinda cheeky marking my own answer 'correct' if this was the case! Also - what are you referring to by 'add this to the FAQ'? –  RawFocus Nov 4 '12 at 22:12
I was referring to an inaccurate understanding of how FAQ worked :) –  Joe Nov 5 '12 at 0:57

The simplest method is something like:

 data _null_;
    infile 'c:\input.txt';
    file 'c:\output.txt';
    put _infile_;

The method presented by RawFocus will copy any file, in binary, one byte at a time from input to output. For a text file this isn't necessary and doing the above will copy the file one line at a time. You may have to be slightly careful with record lengths, I believe that the default record length is 256, so you may need to put an explicit


option or similar on the infile statement, as in

infile 'c:\input.txt' lrecl=32767;
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