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I'm unable to delete record from sqlite db using Navicat. The error reads: `Error constraint failed'

I get the same thing if I try to delete with the console using an sql command:

sqlite> delete from myTable where sort = '965';
constraint failed

any idea why this might be happening.

thanks for the help

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It looks like this table has a Field which is referenced as a FK in another table, so the SQlite saying

"I can,'t delete it, its inuse in another table"
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yes, you're right. there's a myTable_id in another catalogue_myTable table. would I have to delete that reference first? thanks :) –  hanumanDev Oct 24 '12 at 10:28
yes... first delete that reference. –  Yaqub Ahmad Oct 24 '12 at 10:30

Use the .schema command of the sqlite3 shell to show all table definitions. Then you can see which constraint on myTable or a child table blocks you from deleting.

If there is a foreign key constraint in another table, you have to delete all records in that table that reference your 965 record before you can delete the record itself.

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