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I have this code:

typeof(ComboBox).GetProperty("SelectedItem").SetValue("comboBox1", "", null);

It is not working. Here is the error:

"Object does not match target type"

What is wrong?


I have the name of my object (comboBox in string. like:

string []s = new s[3];

I want to set a value to the property SelectedItem to my comboBox s[i]. How can I do it?

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SetValue need to have ComboBox object, not string "comboBox1". I believe you have a ComboxBox object in your application, assume:

ComboBox comboBox1 = ....;

So you can call:

                .SetValue(comboBox1, "", null);

If you use .NET 4.5, you can get rid of the last input:

                .SetValue(comboBox1, "");

Edit: based on your comment, you don't need to use reflection, below is you can get combox1 if only knowing the name:

var comboBox1 = Controls.OfType<ComboBox>()
                      .SingleOrDefault(c => c.Name == "Combobox1");

comboBox1.SelectedItem = "";
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I cann't evalute the object? –  Chani poz Oct 24 '12 at 10:20
@Chanipoz: don't understand, could you explain more? –  Cuong Le Oct 24 '12 at 10:22
I have a string with the name of the comboBox like: s="comboBox1", how can I set a value to it? –  Chani poz Oct 24 '12 at 10:34
@Chanipoz: update your question pls –  Cuong Le Oct 24 '12 at 10:36

The first argument that you send to PropertyInfo.SetValue is the object that you want to set value. For example, if you named your ComboBox object to comboBox1 then you have to change from SetValue("comboBox1", "", null); to SetValue(comboBox1, "", null);

You can read more on PropertyInfo.SetValue Method.

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The SetValue method requires 3 parameters, MSDN the first parameter is the instance object, the second is the value and the third is the index for indexed properties, set to null if not used.


var box = <method to get combobox1>;
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In the form where your ComboBoxes are put, add this method:

public void SetComboBoxValue(string comboBoxName, string value)
    ComboBox foundCombo = Controls.OfType<ComboBox>().SingleOrDefault(c => c.Name == comboBoxName) as ComboBox;
    if (foundCombo == null)
    foundCombo.SelectedItem = value;
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